03- Diciembre -2016412
21- Septiembre- 2016410 Athletes Selection to the 2017 events
29- Agosto-2016408 Definition of Compound mixed team that will represent Colombia at the Final World Cup of 2016
24- Mayo-2016402Athletes' selection of femenine recurve team to Olympic Games
24- Mayo-2016401Athletes' Selection of masculine recurve to Olympic Games
24- Mayo-2016400National ranking for the Preselection to Olympic Games
19- Enero-2016384Value of annuity for the leagues and value carnetizacion/federated 2016
21-Agosto-2015373Regulation of Preselection Colombia to the Olympic Games Rio 2016
19- Junio-2015370National commission of Dijudication
19- Junio-2015369Technical National commission
24- Abril-2015361Minimal scores in recurved for Pan-American Games and Rio
10- Febrero-2015355 2015 annuity payment
10-Noviembre -2014351 Regulation of the Colombian Team to the international events starting from January 1, 2015