The world of Archery has 4 basic tests endorsed by the International Federation of the sport:

  1. Qualifier Round.
  2. Individual Olympic Round.
  3. Team Round.
  4. Mixed Team Round.
In World Championships, World Cups, World Games and festivals, which can be indoors or outdoors, have two types of bows.


This is the Olympic modality. The recurve bow is similar to the traditional one, except that the limbs have a double curve that increases the force and makes the shot softer.

The official distance in Men/Women and Junior is 70 mts. Different is for Cadets and Master, is 60 mts.

There are several known brands for recurve bows: Fivics, Win & Win, Hoyt, Samick and PSE.


This type of bow has pulleys at the end of the limbs. Unlike conventional bows, wich usually are made of wood with other materials, the compound bows are often made of aluminium and other materials.

They were developed and patented by Holless Wilbur Allen in the U.S. back in the 60's, and have been becoming increasingly popular as a sport and hunting bow.

The oficial distance for Cadets, Junior, Women/Men and Master categories ir 50 meters.

There are several known brands for compound bows: Hoyt, PSE, Mathews, Martin Archery and Bowtech.

Basic Equipment for Practice


They are 2 types of targets
122 cm long distances 80 cm / 6 rings for short distances
(Recurve) (Compound)